Why one needs to service ones watch ?

The movement of a mechanical watch is made up of several components. They are enormously solicited, and numerous factors can alter the proper functioning as well as the reliability of your watch.

There are external factors:

shocks, humidity, excessive heat or cold, magnetism.

And internal factors:

Contact and friction of the internal components with each other create minuscule particles that scatter within the movement, altering good functioning and risk, in the long run, damaging it.

Absence of lubricant due to gradual drying or the change in oil viscosity may create friction and damage the proper functioning of the movement, even creating a premature wear and tear.

During revision, the watchmaker checks possible wear and tear of the pieces, cleans, lubricates and adjusts the movement to assure its proper functioning. The case is polished to rejuvenate it. The watch is then tested for its waterproofness and its smooth functioning before issuing a 24 months warranty.

How it works

In order to repair, maintain and/or polish your watch at 12Time Switzerland, you may fill out the online form, on the page “request offer,” with basic information on your watch. We will then contact you directly either by email or by phone to give you a preliminary estimate: this as precise as possible and non-binding. We then will plan the shipment of your watch with a carrier we recommend. Upon reception of the watch, our specialized watchmakers will examine your watch in order to provide you with a detailed quote and the required timeframe.

Use of our shipment kit

After soliciting a quote and in order to be able to send your watch to 12Time Switzerland, we will send you a shipment kit via the post. This kit is made up of a protective box for your watch, the purchase order with your reference ID and an already stamped return envelope. It will be convenient for you to place your watch in the protective box and to use the return envelope to send us the whole, according to the provided instructions.


The watch you send us is insured by our insurer AXA throughout the entire process for the value indicated and according to the requested quote (or according to the market value if the provided value is excessive). Please take note that this coverage may be challenged if the shipment instructions have not been respected.

Reception of your watch

You will be advised as soon as your watch has been received, as our watchmakers will create a quotation and will take photographs to communicate in detail the work that they will be required to carry out.

Upon acceptance of this quotation, the watchmakers will proceed with the revision (or repair, as the case may be) within the timeframe communicated.

Payment and delivery

As soon as your watch is ready to be sent back to you, you will be advised by 12Time Switzerland and the final invoice will be sent to you by email, as well as uploaded to your online tracking space. Your watch will be sent to you as soon as payment has been received.

If the offer is declined, the watch will be sent back in the same state it was received, on a reimbursable basis, covering the transport and insurance costs.


12Time Switzerland exclusively guarantees the performed work on your watch for the duration of 24 months**.

** Except antique watches