Maintaining and repairing your watch has never been easier

Putting customer service at the heart of watchmaking

Passionate people know it, maintaining or repairing their watch is a challenge. Michel Teweles, entrepreneur and himself keen on watchmaking, thus imagined a customer service dedicated to the maintenance and repair of watches. Returning to the creation of 12 Time, a new company in the sector.

The story begins with an Omega watch from 1972, in search of its second youth. Michel Teweles received this magnificent Omega, now vintage, from his father. With his watch in his pocket, he went to Geneva, to an Omega retailer. But when he puts the object on the glass counter, he becomes disillusioned. The maintenance of his watch is clearly not the priority of the shop, the deadlines are extensible, and the cost exaggerated. He then tries his luck at a second retailer, but the answer remains the same. Finally, Michel Teweles directly contacts the official Omega store. There, the prices are less prohibitive, but the deadlines are always substantial. Avoiding intermediaries seems effective, but not yet optimal. And that’s where the idea germinates in the mind of the entrepreneur. Why not create a company dedicated to customer service, maintenance and repair of watches? What if the solution lay in task sharing? Manufacturers and retailers on the one hand, maintenance and repair services on the other.

Maintenance and repair, a service lacking in the watch industry

While 12 Time is still only in preliminary form, Michel Teweles observes several dysfunctions in a well-established industry. With no resident watchmakers, most retailers do not have the capacity to repair or maintain the watches they sell. They must therefore send them back to the manufacturer themselves. A constraint which, in the long run, may disappoint some customers. As for the manufacturers, they of course have the best skills, but their activity is essentially focused on manufacturing and relegates, in fact, repair work to the rank of ancillary task – hence the extended deadlines.

A workshop for watchmaking professionals

And it is in this breach that 12 Time positions itself in in November 2019, becoming the first watchmaking servicing company in Switzerland and Europe. Two watchmakers and one polisher work full time in a 200 m2 workshop located in Gland, Switzerland. Their strength: they can maintain and repair any type of watch, from the most luxurious to the most modest, thanks to cutting-edge equipment and the certification of luxury brands. Thus, the 12 Time watchmakers are trained by each certifying brand in the specific mechanisms of the models. 12 Time therefore provides impeccable service, identical to that provided by the manufacturers, but in half the time. The company thus guarantees a quote within 48 hours and a maximum of 4 weeks for the treatment of the part, including in its service the recovery of the model and the delivery after the repair of the watch.

Optimizing customer service

By focusing on maintenance and repair, 12 Time optimizes watchmaking customer service in an unprecedented way. Individuals, like Michel Teweles at the time of his 1972 Omega, can contact 12 Time directly and receive a quote. As for manufacturers and retailers, by delegating this part of their activity, they can therefore devote themselves entirely to their main objective: to manufacture and sell exceptional watches.